Rejuvena SL Ultrasonic & Ion Skin Care System Specifications


Rejuvena Specifications


Battery Charge
1) Recharge the Rejuvena sL when it beeps, signaling that the battery is low.
2) Some generation of heat will occur when charging which is an ordinary condition.
The Rejuvena sL is ready to be used in approximately two hours.

Characteristics of the Rejuvena sL.
The Rejuvena sL has 1 Button.
1) Press 1 time: Turns on Ultrasonic (30,000/vps) and negative Ion (galvanic deep cleansing) together.
2) Press 1 more time: Turns on Ion transmitter for Liquid Vitamin C Nutrition.
3) Press 1 more time: Turns off

Function of the Rejuvena sL
1) Ultrasonic and Negative Ion: Increase collagen, Removes old cells and other toxins, and Galvanic deep cleansing.
2) Ion transmitter: Lifting, Nutrition, transmit Liquid Vitamin C to deep inside skin.

*Preliminary Preparation. Use Pure 0+ for facial Care. Pure 0+ for troubled skin treatment which restores
your skin to a healthy condition.

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